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Title Advanced Image Processing for Image2000 Enhancements
Goal Increased image processing functionality in the form of plug-in suites, creation of a mirror site, and eventual transfer of distribution and enhancement to UVa
Funding NASA


Image2000 is image processing freeware which can be easily enhanced by the user via the creation of plug-ins. Plug-ins are written in Java and Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) to personalize the functionality of Image2000 to the user's individual needs. Several plug-in suites are available for download, as well as a tutorial document for creating a sample plug-in. A user is also encouraged to create plug-ins suited to his/her own endeavors and upload them to the Image2000 website.

UVa has completed two plug-in suites (with a total of 21 operations) in the areas of morphology and filtering. These and the tutorial are available exclusively at the mirror site, which is located at the University and currently under renovation. Creating a webpage solely for associated user plug-ins is currently in the planning stages. More plug-ins are being created in the areas of filtering and edge detection.


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