Summer 2015

Date Presenter Title Media
9 May 2015 Scott T. Acton How to make a snake SnakeTalk2015.pdf
16 Jun 2015 Suvadip Mukherjee Geometric Snakes GAC2015.pdf
23 Jun 2015 Andrea Vaccari Detection Theory DetectionTheory.ppsx
30 Jun 2015 Daniel Weller Compressive Sensing/Compressive Sampling Compressive Sensing.ppsx
14 Jul 2015 Luonan Wang Conjugate Gradient ConjGrad.ppsx
21 Jul 2015 Haoyi Liang Single Image Haze Removal Using Dark Channel Prior Dehaze.pdf
28 Jul 2015 Nazia Tabassum Texture synthesis by non-parametric sampling texture_synthesis.ppsx

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