Current Grants

  • High Resolution 3D Ultrasound Imaging and Quantification of the Murine Heart (Source: NIH).
  • Tracking and Image Characterization Research (Source: Night Vision, ARL, CACI, Inc.).
  • Video Data Mining and Target Tracking: A Model Adaptation and Feedback Control Approach (Source: ARO).
  • Sinkhole Detection and Bridge/Landslide Monitoring for Transportation Infrastructure by Automated Analysis of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Images. (Source: DOT)
  • Towards the neurome - Automated Image Analysis for Neuroinformatics (Source: NSF).

Current Research

Visual Media Reasoning

The objective of this project is to automatically extract information and identify the different objects in an image using various image analysis techniques

Segmentation and Comparison of Drosophila Neurons

This project comprises a body of work that aims at segmentation, morphology generation and statistical morphology comparision towards establishig the neurome.

Automated Analysis of InSAR Images

This goal of this project is to develop image analysis techniques to detect bridge settlements, landslide occurrences and sinkhole formation using space-borne interferometric synthetic aperture radar images stacks.

Constrained Shape Manifolds for Shape Based Recognition

This project defines and analyzes constrained shape manifolds for use in shape based object recognition.

Human Pose Tracking from Monocular Video

This project generates a pose configuration manifold and associated manifold charting techniques for kinematics based human pose tracking from monocular videos.

Leukocyte Detection

This project attempts to detect leukocytes in digital video for the purposes of tracking.

Leukocyte Tracking

This project attempts to more accurately, effectively, and efficiently collect leukocyte behavior in order to develop anti-inflammatory drugs to treat diseases such as Crohn's disease, heart disease, and multiple sclerosis.

Ultrasound Denoising

This project attempts to derive a novel edge detector, the instantaneous coefficient of variation (ICOV), for speckle edge detection; and based on the ICOV, design and implement speckle reducing anisotropic diffusion (SRAD) algorithm for ultrasounic (radar) imagery.

Vector Field Convolution

This project attempts to develop a novel method to calculate the external force for deformable models, including snakes, (a.k.a., active contours), and deformable surfaces.

Multi-Cell 3D Tracking with Adaptive Acceptance Gates

This project provides a routine to automatically detect and track cells in a 3D space.

Past Research

  • Biomedical Background Registration
  • Image2000
  • Lung Ventilation
  • Target Tracking in Clutter
  • Multi-Resolution Segmentation via Fusion of Mesonet Data and Remotely Sensed Imagery (NASA)
  • Multi-Resolution, Multi-Scale Target Identification and Tracking Using the Anisotropic Diffusion Pyramid (U.S. Army Research Office)
  • Vision-based Circuit Board Inspection System (Lucent Technologies)
  • Fusion of Infrared and X-ray Imagery for Automated Circuit Inspection (Lucent Technologies)
  • Processing Digital Images Obtained From Indium Antimonide Sensors (NSF)
  • Automated Video Tracking and Inspection (SVS, Inc.)
  • Image Processing for Agricultural Remote Sensing (SST, Inc.)
  • Multiresolution Sensor Fusion Using Morphological Pyramids (NSF)
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