If, within a web, you have two different topics, let's call them SubTopic1 and SubTopic2, and within both of them we refer to another topic, let's call it CommonTopic, then CommonTopic will be, as the name indicates, common to both. One difference is that, if it is not specified manually, the parent of the common topic will be the topic from which it was created.

This might be an issue if, within a web, we want to use the same name from two different topic to refer to two different pages. For example, if we have two different projects and, for each of them, we want to create a link to a page called ProjectBudget, if we don't change the name, the same page will be common to both projects.

The solution is to use two different names for the budget page, for example Project1Budget and Project2Budget or ProjectBudget1 and ProjectBudget2.

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