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Current Members

Dr. Acton Dr. Scott T. Acton , Professor, Dept. of ECE & BME
Director, VIVA
Research Interests:
Dr. Acton's areas of research include image analysis, with an emphasis on transportation and biomedical image analysis. His theoretical interests include multiscale image representations, diffusion algorithms, active contours, image morphology, and image correspondence problems. Applications include remote sensing in transportation, bioimaging, cell tracking, cardiovascular image analysis, military tracking, image classification/segmentation, and multimedia content-based retrieval.

Email: acton[at]virginia.edu
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Dr. Vaccari Dr. Andrea Vaccari
Research scientist, VIVA            (2010-present)
Research Interests:
Andrea's areas of research include imaging for remote sensing application with emphasis in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and derived products. His current interests includes surface and volume segmentation and reconstruction from 3D point clouds.

Email: av9g[at]virginia.edu
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Ritu Ms. Rituparna Sarkar
Graduate student, VIVA              (2012-present)
Research Interests:
Rituparna's research interest lies in the field of Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition. During her MS, Rituparna was working with Namrata Vaswani on Particle filtered based compressed sensing for face tracking under changing illumination conditions. Her current interests are in Image segmentation and content based image retrieval.

Email: rs9vj[at]virginia.edu
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Tamal Mr. Tamal Batabyal
Graduate student, VIVA             (2014-present)
Research Interests:
Machine Learning, Statistical Inference, Computer Vision, Graph Signal Processing

Email: tb2ea[at]virginia.edu
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Nazia Ms. Nazia Tabassum
Graduate student, VIVA              (2014-present)
Research Interests:
Nazia's current areas of research include machine learning and other areas of image processing. During her undergraduate career, her research focused on computer architecture, specifically on memory arrangements in datacenters. Joining the VIVA lab has been her first jump into signal processing research, so specific research areas have not been mapped out as of yet.

Email: nt5rc[at]virginia.edu
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Nazia Ms. Tiffany Ly
Graduate student, VIVA              (2015-present)
Research Interests:
Tiffany's current research interests are in image processing and the automata processor.

Email: ttl6xa[at]virginia.edu
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Nazia Ms. Nasrin Sadeqzade
Graduate student, VIVA              (2015-present)
Research Interests:
Nasrin's current research interests are in machine learning, data mining, image processing, optimization

Email: ns8va[at]virginia.edu
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jie Ms. Jie Wang
Graduate student, VIVA              (2016-present)
Research Interests:
Jie's current areas of research are in segmentation of 2D and 3D microscopy images and related image processing techniques.

Email: jiewang[at]virginia.edu
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Undergraduate Associates

  • Micah Consylman

  • Caroline Crockett

Former PhD Students

Former MS/ME Students

Former Visitors and Postdoctoral Fellows

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